Anorak News | Frozen Michael Jackson Being Fed By A Bent Spoon

Frozen Michael Jackson Being Fed By A Bent Spoon

by | 17th, August 2009

spoon-fed-jacksonMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson frozen, fed by a spoon, Sly Stone misses out and Jermaine Jackson’s Legacy book…

The Sun: “Frail, sick Jackson ‘was fed by spoon’”

That’s the chopstick theory blown out the water. Is Uri Geller involved – he has to be:

MICHAEL Jackson was so weak in his final days he needed to be SPOON-FED meals, his make-up artist has revealed.

It’s high time we heard from the make-up artist. Finally:

Karen Faye, 53, says the King of Pop was “disorientated and sickly” in his last week and claims the pressure of his up-coming London shows “killed” him.

Jackson was not well before he died? Who knew?

Karen told Jacko’s fans on Facebook that choreographer Kenny Ortega was feeding the singer.

She said: “He (Jacko) was 12-20 pound heavier in April than he was in June. Kenny was cutting his chicken and feeding it to him. This was one of my concerns. If he cannot feed himself, how could he be expected to do these shows?”

Hire another Michael Jackson – there are lots of them? Bring back Bubbles to feed him? Get some staff as befitting the King of Pop, a peer of the realm who should no more have to feed himself than a lowly Prince Charles should have to aim his own penis at the specimen bottle.

Moderate Voices: Gilles Hertzog of France’s Liberation

“The artist. ‘He was the Mozart of the 20th century,’ a fellow on TV beamed (Mozart would have been the Michael Jackson of the 18th?). Less than a choreographer, he metabolized the erotic ballet of the body. He was a techno-puppet teleported onto the scene; a walking Game Boy; a Photoshoped video-clip abusing aerobic syncopations. The music? A cheap soap of supermarket kitsch, a pompous and pretentious disco-funk.”

Scoop World: “Rahman producing Michael Jackson tribute album”

Rahman met Michael after the last Oscars in Los Angeles (USA) and says about the meeting: “…we vibed very well…He was concerned about developmental issues such as Global Warming and about wars and its damages to the human community. He asked me to compose a unity anthem on the likes of “We are the World” for him. I nodded in awe …!” Michael showed him a five second example of his dance moves, about which Rahman says: “It was like a lightning strike”.

Any form, Mr Rahman?

Rahman collaborated with Michael on a track titled Ekam Satyam in 1999.



MICHAEL JACKSON’s body has been moved in secret to a new crypt, where it’s been frozen.

Jacko lies alone in a small, bare brick “cold room” in a gold casket that is under perspex to keep out frost – Daily Miror

So the star’s frozen body remains in his gold casket encased in a clear fibreglass container to keep out the frost in sub zero temperatures in a bare brick room – Daily Mail

MSNBC: “Jermaine Jackson’s book harshes on Michael”

Portions of the proposal for “Legacy,” the book that was to be written by Jermaine Jackson as told to longtime family friend Stacy Brown, have leaked out, and Jackson family members have been blaming Brown.

The main point of contention isn’t simply the leak, but that “Legacy” clearly addressed Michael Jackson’s faults and alleged addictions…

In an excerpt of the book proposal, Jermaine Jackson wrote: “My brother is not what the world thinks he is; he’s not what we’ve always told you he was either. My brother is a superstar, yes. My brother is wealthy. He owns shares in Sony music. He drinks, he does drugs, he lies, he cheats, he changed his skin color and mostly, he’s human.”

When Jackson died the world went “Kerching!”

TwentyFourBit: “Sly Stone Reveals Financial Woes in First Interview in 20 Years”

It’s a sad coincidence that this has come to light on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, but reclusive funk legend, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, and Woodstock performer Sly Stone has revealed he is living on Social Security following contractual disputes with his former manager Jerry Goldstein… In a strange twist, Stone claims that Michael Jackson had commissioned him to write songs for a forthcoming album, a break he was hoping would get him out of financial constraints.

Ethiopian Review:

It is always a tragedy when a man’s boyhood heroes pass away. For some among us it was pop-star Michael Jackson, others director John Hughes. For the Asylum team it was Gibson, the tallest dog in the world.

Hollywood Gossip: “Why is Michael Jackson Investigation Taking So Long?”

For now, there’s no need to rush, police say. There’s an eight-year statute of limitations. By dragging it out, a side benefit may be diminished media scrutiny, as well as more time to interview more witnesses and consider the options.

And on it goes…

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