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Chloe Madeley Is Charged In Hampstead

by | 17th, August 2009

7715352CHLOE Madeley, daughter to TV’s Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan’s – of Richard & Judy’s Wine Club – has been charged with drink driving after her Peugeot 206 was found overturned Meadway Close, Golders Green, close to her mum and dad’s house.

Madeley! Chaaaaarge!

At the scene was no sign of Chloe. She’d either not been driving the car or gone. No breathalyzer nor drugs swab at the scene – earlier in the year Chloe was pictured puffing on a bong.

You roll a spliff. You roll a car. Cannabis is a gateway drug. All alleged, in innocent Chloe’s case, of course.

Says a Scotland Yard drone:

“Chloe Madeley, 22, of Wildwood Road, NW11, is due to appear on bail at Hendon Magistrates’ Court on September 2nd charged with drink driving… The Mini [she allegedly hit] was stationary at the time of the collision. Local officers and paramedics attended, but there were no patients were at the scene. Chloe was arrested a short time afterwards at a residential address in NW11.”

Needless to say Miss Madeley wants to be a telly presenter. She’s got all the necessary skills: celebrity swine flu; knickers out for lads’ mag; ability to read standing up; the vapid weltschmerz of a pubescent goldfish; blondeness; celebrity connections; did we mention the knickers?; on nodding terms with the Celebrity Police Force (“Sign this please, madam, and this, and make this one you my good pal PC 3214…)

Chloe Madeley has an anecdote…


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