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Robbie Williams Has Celebrity Swine Flu

by | 18th, August 2009

3570350CELEBRITY Swine Flu – Robbie Williams catches the Swine Flu

The Daily Express brings news of Robbie Williams and the flu that everyone whose anyone’s got:

The Angels hitmaker worried fans by posting a blog on his website telling them he may have contracted the potentially deadly virus and was seeking medical advice.

He wrote, “Off to the doctors to confirm if I have pig (flu) or not.”

The doctors. Poor, Robbie Williams. The rest of us need not be left hanging. A simple call to the swine flu hotline – a few questions: You proper poorly? On a scale of 1 to 10 how proper poorly are yer? Do you roll about in your own faeces and snuffle a lot? – and we know that we have the swine flu.

Of course, we can pop along to the NHS doctor – as the Swine Flu hotline placebo nurse suggests we do – but the medic says he won’t see us because – Oink! Oink! – we might have the swine flu.

Says William’s rep:

“He was shooting his video for the new single Bodies last week and picked up a cold on the set.”

It’s not a cold. It’s the swine flu. It’s always the swine flu…

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