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Madonna And Children’s Italian Renaissance

by | 18th, August 2009
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7716860TO Italy, where Madonna is making her 51st birthday with a family get-together on a boat.

Madge wears an outfit of long shorts and sleeveless top, making her look as street as any Victorian in a bathing costume.

Madge and children  are travelling on a boat to Dolce & Gabbana’s home in Italy. Next year you’ll all be wearing apple catchers on the beach.

But why is Madonna covering up. Given the veiny arms, we are left wondering what the greater Madonna looks like. Some say her veins mirror a map of the Venice canal system, which ridges of dry skin for bridges and the dome of the Santa Maria della Salute formed by a tanned ganglion. Others say the veins are lay lines that offer directional aides to her young lover.

In her arms was her own personal Jesus, who thanks to Madonna’s riches didn’t have to cut a fish into a gazillion pieces but was just required to show the kids how to take a photo of the watching paps.

To complete her sepia-tinged look, Madonna then converted a pair of voluminous French knickers into a parasol and sat in the shade of her own gusset.

Smell that, Jesus? Now pass the bread…


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