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Angie Everhart Introduces Baby Kayden And Magic Breasts

by | 18th, August 2009

1050838IN this week’s Hello!, Angie Everhart has given birth to a son. He’s called Kayden Bobby Everhart and she’d like to introduce us to him, and he to we. Says Angie Everhart:

“Kayden’s hair it brown like his dad’s.”

We look. It is. His hair is brown. Dad isn’t around just now, so we’re to take Angie’s word for his hair being brown, also. To make up for no sign of dad and dad’s hair, we learn that Angie knows Prince Andrew and Prince Albert of Monaco, neither of whom are there. She’s been “linked to” Sly Stallone and Joe Pesci, and they too are not there.

Angie’s mum is there. But before we meet her, Angie wants to relive the pregnancy. So Angie, how did you know you were up the duff?

“My boobs told me!”

When men are not around, you appreciate your old pals:

“I was visiting my parents one day, walking down the street with my mom. I felt zoooooooom! In seconds, I went from a C cup to a double DD.”

And no scaring!

Hello!: “So, Angie, how was the pregnancy?”

Angie: “I have models’ mentality…”

Hello!: “How. Was. The. Preg-nan-ceee?”

Angie: “My belly grew, my breasts got bigger, my legs and arms got fat…”

A giant winged bird with brown hair arrived and dropped a baybee in the pumpkin patch. Then Angie had a C-section. No, not because she’s vain and too posh to push, because…

“When I was 19, I fell from a horse and had surgery on my back.”

Oh, and she has slim hips and only gained about 28 pounds. So that’s why she had the C-section, which was – by the way – very trying. But terrific:

“I love it because he got to choose his day.”

Er, no, Angie. He chooses his day when his head pops out your vagina. You choose his day when his head pops out your stomach.

Which is not covered in brown hair, so they say…

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