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Peter Andre Heads Home To Australia

by | 19th, August 2009

jungle-andre1LOOK out girls and gonads, Peter Andre is heading back into the ITV jungle studio, where the first laid hands on Katie Price.

The Star says:

“PETER Andre will make a sensational return to the I’m A Celebrity jungle to bury the ghosts of his past… He is determined that the jaunt Down Under will help mend his broken heart.”

Is this the same Peter Andre who has moved on? A source looks to set things straight:

“It’s going to be a ratings winner. The public loves Peter and they’d love nothing more than to see him back in the jungle.”

Indeed, sending Peter Andre back to a small brightly lit clearing in Australia is high on many music fans’ wish list. If we can achieve it with love, then let us do so. Peter, we love you. We really love you. We also love Noel Edmonds, Anthea Turner as we once loved Victoria Beckham and Madonna. Love is about letting go, Pete. That’s real love.

But “top psychologist” Jo Hemmings “fears the trip could be a disastrous way for Pete to recover from his bitter split from Jordan, alias Kate Price”.

“He will encounter so many reminders of falling in love with Kate that it will dredge up all sorts of unwelcome memories that could find him slipping back into emotional fragility.”

It’s a risk we are prepared to take. So wet is Pete that the rainforest may prove to be his niche environment, a place where he can freely sob without fear of drying out. In years they will talk of the Jungle Jeremiah as saviour of mankind and hero of the green movement.

Jo has more. And she is worth listening to, because as one client says on her website:

“Jo’s advice is the best in the business. I can honestly say that her fee is the single most significant item of expenditure that I have ever made.”

The clock’s ticking. So what say you Significant Jo?

“If there are lessons to be learned from reality TV history, Pete should remember that when Jade Goody’s career was flagging, returning to the Big Brother house was one of the worst decisions she ever made.”

You mean the show that catapulted her to international fame? That show, Jo?

The lessons from history are there, Pete. God speed…

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