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Michael Jackson’s Magic Book Of Memories Published

by | 19th, August 2009

jackson-bookMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Press release of the day: could a new book have saved Michael Jackson who is already, er, dead:

Hard to beat the opportunism of LA with’s‘ Jackson deals, but Caryl Westmore and her PRs might have trumped it:

PR News: “Michael Jackson: Could This Book By Caryl Westmore Have Saved Him?”

Caryl Westmore, author of a new book on emotional healing You Can Break-Free Fast™, believes Michael Jackson’s life could have been “saved” if only he had had a chance to heal his damaged childhood because, as she proves with numerous cases studies in her book, intense or traumatic memories from childhood can sabotage Adult life and lead to addictions, negative beliefs, insomnia, unhappiness and pain.

Breathlesss stuff. So how can Michael Jackson sell your book, sorry, heal himself?

Since Jackson’s death Westmore has been blogging and tweeting on her insights which she has now made available at her website as a free E-book “Michael Jackson: 5 Healing Lessons that can heal – or save – your life“.

It’s an  acute case of Jakcson & Me:

Westmore says she identifies with Michael Jackson in four main ways:

* We were both Baby Boomers – of the generation born after World War 11.

* We both had fathers that made our childhood a living nightmare.

* We were both what is now recognized as Highly Sensitive People with intuition, creativity and compassion for the vulnerable.

* We were drawn to addictions to mask our shame and pain and a feeling of being different as a result of our dysfunctional childhood.

All facts. Jackson was also a megastar who was accused of a being peadophile. so, any other suimilatitis, Caryl?

She says: “The sobering lesson for anyone with a dysfunctional childhood is to heal yourself and your childhood memories – before you attempt to ‘heal the world.'”

Had only Jackson read this book before he died. But he didn’t. and nwo he is dead…

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