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Lockerbie Lies: Who Now Speaks For The Murdered 270?

by | 20th, August 2009
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7245511THE decision to release the Lockerbie Bomber Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi will today be announced by the Scottish Government. The convicted mass murderer may even be in the bosom of his family in Tripoli by the time you read this.

The rehearsals are done, already darked vehicles and police outriders have travelled the the few miles of trunk road between HM Prison Greenock to Prestwick Airport. Cold-eyed men carrying powerful weapons have watched and analysed the likely dangers and plotted response scenarios.

The release will be touted as a “humane” decision because the former top-ranking Libyan spy has prostate cancer and in the opinion of some medical experts has little time to live. According to this morning’s Glasgow Herald, Libya has given an undertaking that there will be no “triumphalism“.

Megrahi, who is serving 27 years in HMP Greenock for the bombing which killed 270 people in December 1988, dropped his appeal against his conviction and sentence in the Scottish Courts this week and is expected to fly to Tripoli in a private jet.


This has little to do with the sensibilities of the relatives of the 270 dead, or even that of the Scottish Government or peoples. Scotland was merely the crash site and left to pick up the pieces. Many now feel the true victim in this has been the Scottish Judicial system which could very well have been flawed in its handling of the trial and sentence. We will never know.

This has very little to do with the dying man. This is about dark dealings. Dealings which have involved state representatives, weapons dealers oil suppliers and buyers…almost from the day Megrahi was sentenced.
There will be expressions of horror and anger from the government of the USA. Do not be fooled, this release is not possible without a nod and a wink from the Washington mandarins.

7703672The tragedy is not the release but the fact the appeal has been dropped and the truth of the fate of the Pan Am aircraft Maid of the Seas crash will now never be known. Many believe the dying Megrahi was NOT guilty as charged…but he has now dropped the appeal. There is only one result: For eternity he will be branded as the UK’s worst mass murder. He does not have to live with that fact for long, according to doctors he will die in months possibly even days. He will do so at home with his family.

Who now speaks for the murdered 270?

Today’s announcement is not news to Anorak readers: type “Lockerbie Bomber” into the Forum search above and you have a tincture of the horror of the shifting sands in which world states persons dabble…up to the oxters as Megrahi will by now no doubt have learned to say.. – AGW


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