Anorak News | Beyonce And Jay Z’s Bodyguard Goes Mad In Croatia

Beyonce And Jay Z’s Bodyguard Goes Mad In Croatia

by | 20th, August 2009

beyonce-fightIN Croatia, Beyonce, Jay Z and Jay Z’s bodyguard are laving an eatery in Dubrovnik when a snapper flashes them.

Jay-Z’s man uses all his expertise in crowd control and keeping his charges free of danger by lunging.

The snapper hits back by throwing his tripod at Jay Z’s muscles. And Jay Z’s hero tosses the lot into the Adriatic Sea and gives the snappers and everyone watching the finger as he makes good his escape on a floating golf cart.

This is how you calm a situation, people. You use humour.

Jay Z’s muscles are now charged with destroying personal property and assault.

Guilty or not, we can’t say. But anyone who has visited Croatia knows two things: the people are gigantic and they have war fresh in their minds. Jay Z’s muscles got away lightly.

But he might yet experience greater wrath – chucking the tripod into the water was littering and will surely see Jay Z and his crew fall of greenists. Leonardo DiCaprio is watching…

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