Anorak News | Amy Winehouse Dusts Herself Off With David Gest

Amy Winehouse Dusts Herself Off With David Gest

by | 20th, August 2009

4976930AMY WINEHOUSE was once famous for being a singer. But now the papers look for rats nesting in her hair and examine the contests of her nose like explorers crawling over the cave of Lascaux.

The Sun’s Gordon Smart lies in the gutter and waits for Amy to walk by. He duly brings us:

The runny nose, soaked top, burnt finger, dirty nails and general all-round mess is enough to tell me she’s up to her old tricks.

Smart by name, eh? For those of you not as smart as Mr Smart, the nose gazer is talking about drugs. But might it be swine flu, Gordon Smart? Spray from a donut? Nasal dandruff? As you were, Smarty, she’s coming back…

The Mail’s Jo Clements picks up her Davy Lamp and spots a “mystery substance up her nose”.

She had a wet stain on the front of her T-shirt, teary eyes, spotty red skin and traces of what looked like a mystery substance in her right nostril – and had to be helped to her car.

Says Amy’s spokesperson:

“Amy just went out to dinner with her friend Kristian [Marr], it’s as simple as that. Kristian also knows David Gest and that’s why he was there.”

Anyone who’s seen Gest might suppose he was there to make Amy look better. And is a flakey as he looks…

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