Anorak News | In OK! This Week: Ashton Kutcher’s Wants Another Ashton Kutcher, Diane Kruger On Brad Pitt And Gareth Gates’ Mole

In OK! This Week: Ashton Kutcher’s Wants Another Ashton Kutcher, Diane Kruger On Brad Pitt And Gareth Gates’ Mole

by | 20th, August 2009

7667013IN this week’s OK! – Ashton Kutcher’s Gift, Diane Kruger On Ironing Condoms And Gareth Gates’ Missy Mole…

Diane Kruger ‘s Laughs It Up

Diane Kruger, who stars opposite Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds, is in conversation with OK!:

“I’m on time even when I try not to be. I’m German. I’m responsible. I’m neat. I iron my tablecloths.”

Bing a typical German, when she’s in Mallorca she naturally irons her condoms.

Missy Ga-Ga-Gates

OK! catches up with Gareth Gates, Suzanne Mole and their daughter Missy, who was born in April and “very well behaved”.

Gareth and Suzanne are “introducing Missy to the world”, which to her eyes looks like an OK! hacks with a syrup-leaded pencil and a photographer. And there’s the sound of mum talking about Missy’s birth:

“It was so easy. We decided to go for a Caesarean… I had a new procedure called a natural section… instead of being cut open, and having the baby pulled out, they find the head first and then bring it out.”

Or your stomach. Hence “natural section”.

Gareth took pictures of the entire procedure, and then cut the “tough and rubbery” cord. Gareth seems to have done more in the birth than Suzanne.

It was all very natural and a mere “three days later”, the child was at home. And in a cot.

“We watched her kick her legs up onto the bar and then wedge her del down the die. Amazing!”


“But also very worrying…”


“…that’s why the move from the basket to the cot has been put on hold.”

OK!: “So who tends to Missy during the night?”

Suzanne: “Guess!”

Gareth! It’s him right? Will Young?

The Wonder Of Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is talking about being Ashton Kutcher, and his new film, Spread

OK!: “So Ashton, how’s life?”
Ashton K: “Life couldn’t; be better, even if I was standing on that beach out there. I’m so good I almost need another one of me to be any better.”

Ashton says that’s “people appreciate my gift…

Ashton then says that’s “it’s not great when we talk about personal relationships”, unless “it relates to the film”, before telling us that he is not jealous of wife Demi Moore’s love scenes” and giving us tio the spirit of Kabbalah.

You can see the pictures Ashton published on Twitter of his wife’s backside here, in context…

More from the OK! parodist next week…

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