Anorak News | Courtney Love’s Erect Turtle Saves The News Industry And Photojournalism

Courtney Love’s Erect Turtle Saves The News Industry And Photojournalism

by | 20th, August 2009

courtney-love-1COURTNEY LOVE “couldn’t get any more bonkers,” says the Sun (via D-listed), “she goes and posts a picture of herself in bed with a TURTLE on the web“. It’s an erect turltle and it’s not in a web, it’s on her head, like a novelty hat.

And with that another nail is hit into the belly of photojournalism.

Paparazzi pictures are big money – bigger money in staged portraits of celebrities. But here is Love doing a Lindsay Lohan and a Demi Moore by using her own camera on herself.

How can photographers and stalkers with cameras make a living if the celebrities break their own exclusives?

Love’s portrait is as good as anything Annie Leibovitz has done – and if want corporate Disney Miley Cyrus porn you can make your own with Vanessa Hudgens.

Leibovitz has, as Gawker reports, has “hocked every photograph she’s ever produced and now the high-end pawnshop that gave her $24 million has filed suit to force her to sell it all.”

Who need Leibovitz whan you can do your own portraits?

It might be time for photographers to turn away from the celebrities and to more traditioonal images of war and the exotica of the human condition.

Gamma, the Paris-based photo agency set up by Raymond Depardon and Gilles Caron, has filed for bankruptcy:

Jean-François Leroy, director of the Visa pour l’Image festival of photojournalism in Perpignan, blames the disease of the press for the wider malaise in the industry, and the widespread editorial policy to ditch current affairs in favour of celebrity news.

‘Photographers are producing plenty of great stuff, but now the media seem interested only in celebrities,’ he told NYT. ‘When Michael Jackson died, it wasn’t part of the news, it was the news. How many photographs of his funeral did we really need?”

Courtney Love’s erect turtle may yet save the news industry…


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