Anorak News | Pink Saves Susan Boyle’s Breast From Exploding

Pink Saves Susan Boyle’s Breast From Exploding

by | 21st, August 2009

WHEN Kimberley Koy went to see Pink perform in Sydney, her two breasts were of equal size. When she awake the next day, one breast was double the size of the other.

To a clinic. And Koy tells the medics that she had recently been stabbed in the chest by a runaway cow’s horn, attached to a runaway cow.

Koy’s C-cup silicone gel breast implants soon accompanied her on flight to see Pink. Says she:

“When I told the doctor I’d flown she said, ‘That makes perfect sense because air pressure forced out the silicone’. I could have gone years without knowing. When I woke up the day after the plane trip it was double the size of my right one … I thought I had breast cancer.”

Or she might be pregnant. As Angie Everhart tells us, when you’re with child your breasts instantaneously expand, like hers.

“If I hadn’t have gone to the Pink concert I wouldn’t have known my breast was leaking. It was like a coconut to an orange…”

Anorak imagines a cross between Jordan and Susan Boyle. With horns…

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