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Madeleine McCann: Getting The Joke

by | 22nd, August 2009

maddie6MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak‚Äôs at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news – when a missing child can make us laugh…

THIS is Nottingham: “Couple defend Madeleine leaflet”

A NOTTS couple who delivered leaflets in Clifton about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have defended their actions.

A local issues for Our Maddie…

Grenville Green and his wife, Helene Davies-Green, have been campaigning on behalf of the Madeleine Foundation.

Oh, them:

The pressure group has repeatedly claimed Madeleine was not abducted and their leaflet presents evidence gathered by the Portuguese police about her disappearance.

Nominative determinism is everywhere:

The pensioners from Nuthall have also dropped leaflets in Rothley, Leicestershire, the village where the McCanns live.

And then an explanation – try not to laugh or snort:

Mrs Davies-Green said: “We’re not trying to upset anyone or stir anything up, we just want people to look again at the case.”

But people have never stopped looking at the case. Our Maddie is the media’s emergency story, an easy emotion-laden filler to fill the paper. And here’s Clarence Mitchell to say – and again, try not to smirk:

“We do not wish to dignify the actions of the Madeleine Foundation with any response at all.”

Like, er, that response?

The McCanns are innocent. A child is missing. And the ghouls and the PRs are at work…

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