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Jennifer Ansiton’s Vagina Pictures?

by | 22nd, August 2009

jennfier-anistons-vaginaDID the New York Post publish a picture of Jennifer Aniston’s vagina?

Gawker says the revealing shot is of Gerard Butler throwing Aniston in the boot of the car for a scene in their new movie The Bounty.

Aniston is setting new trends in genital flashing – showing her vagina getting into and not out of a car.

But is it even her?

Anorak has already shown you pictures of Aniston’s weathermen, whose job it is to control the weather around the greater Aniston. Aniston thought Rain Man was a great idea.

Are we to believe a woman who aims to control the weather would leave her knickers to chance?

But other pictures show that it is her. And the image might well be deliberate, an advertorial for Jenifer’s mating, a subject that has occupied minds at the National Enquirer every week for the past five years.

Or else she’s enlarging her hair care range?

And is she still, you know, worth it?

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