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Dan Brown’s Secret Code Cracked

by | 22nd, August 2009

3559019BAD news for Dan Brown, he of the Da Vinci Code, whose books top Oxfam’s chart of most-donated books.

The Guardian’s Alison Flood receives the Oxfam press release and gets her mind working:

Dan Brown might be one of the world’s bestselling authors but it turns out that readers aren’t too keen on keeping his special blend of religious conspiracy and scholarly derring-do on their shelves once they’ve bought it.

So the best-selling author tops the list of most handed over books, eh – books most charity minded people want to, er, share with others and believe the charity shop can best sell?

And who does Dan Brown push into No.2 spot? Ashley Cole? No, it’s John Grisham. You know, the author who sells loads of books…

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