Anorak News | Katie Price’s Lover Alex Reid In Rape Video Shock

Katie Price’s Lover Alex Reid In Rape Video Shock

by | 23rd, August 2009

killer-bitchKATIE Price and Peter Andre Divorce: Katie Price’s new man stars in “hardcore porn” film Killer Bitch with children’s telly star and Jordan is a “slag”…

Carole Aye Maung and Dan Wootton tell NOTW readers:

JORDAN’S new boyfriend is starring in a vile and degrading hardcore porn film, the News of the World can reveal. We have seen sickening footage from the film Killer Bitch shot YESTERDAY which shows cage-fighter Alex Reid in a disgusting rape and strangling scene.

Not good rape. This is “disgusting rape”. So “DISGUSTING” is it that beneath a picture of Reid with his hand about a woman’s throat, the NOTW writes:

“DISGUSTING: Reid throttles co-star Yvette.”

Ready to be disgusted some more?

The disgusting footage we have seen filmed in woods in Capel, Surrey, shows Reid, 34, stripping co-star Yvette Rowland down to her red and black lingerie before straddling her. Grunting and swearing coarsely, he pulls down his jeans and his Calvin Klein underpants to expose himself fully for the cameras. The next scenes are too vile to describe in a family paper but end with him grabbing Yvette in a stranglehold and throttling her.

Too vile to describe in a family newspaper. (Yvette Rowland was once in children’s telly show Byker Grove). But they’re fine for the NOTW. And which in the Sunday People mutates into:


The People knows and having told readers, “neither he nor Yvette went totally naked”, hears a soruce trill: “Neither Alex or Yvette had any problems with stripping off.”

uch are the facts about the “hardcore porn” film, Killer Bitch:

A young woman is caught up in a deadly game in which she is forced to murder five people. A fictional crime thriller starring real people – real fights – real criminals.

The real criminals are a bunch of football hooligans and someone who new the Krays in black and white.

In the Sunday Mirror, we learn that Reid has porn form:

His ex [Marie Thornett] says Alex is obsessed with watching motivational DVDs and, during his quest for fame and fortune, appeared in a sex documentary as a “voyeur” watching a couple romp.

And lest you misunderstand this for bit of PR-driven bilge about a new film, the NOTW places it in context:

Our revelation will shock Jordan and horrify estranged hubby Peter Andre…

The scenes came hours after Reid compered a fight night in Brighton. After the event he and Jordan turned up at a kebab shop at 4am.

Which the Mirror also learns of:

Katie’s kebab shop trouble kicked off in Brighton’s Queen’s Road. An onlooker said: “Katie was being served her kebab and chips. Then this woman started shouting, ‘There’s Jordan! It’s Jordan! I’m going to tell her she’s a ****ing slag’.”

As for Pete, well, the Mirror’s Kevin O’Sullivan has bene watching:

Wearing unnecessary sunglasses in Ikea, our self-pitying hero sobbed: “Nobody knows why I left Katie. If they knew, they’d understand why I’m so upset.” Spill the beans or shut up!

Katie & Peter – they like us to watch…

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