Anorak News | Michael Jackson Obsessed With Adolf Hitler And Pretty Buckley Children

Michael Jackson Obsessed With Adolf Hitler And Pretty Buckley Children

by | 23rd, August 2009

jackson-hitlerMICHAEL Jackson Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Jackson buried September 3, PAris’s new private school and the King of Pop’s Hitler obessesion…

News is that Jackson won’t be getting buried for his birthday present. (Oh, how he wanted the anaesthetics and the new O2 oxygen tent. But he accepts with his trademark good grace.)

Sun Sentinel: “Michael Jackson’s funeral postponed 5 days; will now be Sept. 3”

Michael Jackson won’t be laid to rest on what would have been his 51st birthday after all. A spokesman for the Jackson family says the King of Pop’s funeral has been postponed until Sept. 3, five days after the singer’s birthday.

What they gonna get Jackson for his birthday present now?

NOTW: “MICHAEL Jackson acted like Dr Frankenstein to create a perfect family of test-tube children, the News of the World can reveal today.”

Everyone gets daddy’s nose, right? The NOTW delivers the sensations in bullet points:

* KEPT dossiers on “ideal looking” children.
* LITTERED his bedroom with medical books on IV treatment.
* SUFFERED fertility problems due to drug abuse.
* ATTEMPTED to adopt a child from Bangkok.
* BEGGED Hollywood A-list pals to donate eggs and sperm.
* PORED over details of Nazi “master race” experiments.

Jackson was a Nazi lovin’, drug takin’, blank shootin’ amateur gynaecologist who observed children and was on nodding with orphans in Bangkok? A few weeks back he was just the King of Pop. Jackson’s been busy.

Very soon they’ll be comparing Michael Jackson to Hitler, as the 10th Ruel of tabloid journlism dictates.

He was obsessed with Adolf Hitler, collected Nazi medals and scoured books about evil experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz.

Hey, Hitler wanted to heel the world, too:

TMZ: “Michael Jackson’s Kids Could Turn Preppy”

The home schoolin’ days may be over for MJ’s kids — we’ve learned Katherine Jackson is “seriously considering” sending the golden children to one of the most elite private schools in LA. Family sources tell us the Jackson matriarch is talking about enrolling Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince in the Buckley School — the same place Tito’s three kids attended, as well as several other members of the Jackson clan. In fact, Tito’s deceased wife, Dee Dee, once served as president of the Buckley Parent’s Association.

Michael Jackson – the remaking of a media monster…

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