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Holly Willoughby Presents Harry On This Morning

by | 25th, August 2009

7567515THE more we see of ITV presenter Holly Willoughby the less likable she becomes.

Happily for Holly, she’s been spending most of her time on ITV2, which means she is supremely popular. But now she’s landed a job as Fern Britton’s replacement on This Morning we will be seeing a lot more of Holly.

In readiness for this, Holly talks with Hello! magazine, and right away introduces her child, a son called harry and her own range of clothes, and did she mention Harry?

Little Harry” has been on the X Factor tour with Holly. Holly says she “always wanted to be a mum” – now she’s a professional mum:

“I always wanted to be a mum, I couldn’t wait – when I had my maternity leave all I did was watch daytime TV, so now I feel a huge part of the This Morning audience will be people like me, mums with young children – now I’ve got Harry I can empathise with the viewers in that way, which is nice.”

As a mum, Holly will be expected to talk about her child and give knowing looks to the mums back home waiting for the Valium to kick in and Neighbours to start.

Holly tells us that Harry’s dad, Dan, loves Harry “to bits”. Harry thinks Dan is “hilarious”. Harry is “very chilled out”. Harry is “such a good sleeper”.

Holly is “very nurturing”. When she was working, her mum took Harry out for “walks” and did the night feeds. Holly says with the “right support network” you can work and be a terrific mum.

Just ask the nanny.

Says Holly:

“Once it gets to 7pm we both put Harry to bed and relax and have some ‘us’ time. It’s really important to do that.”

The nanny nods…

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