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Michael Jackson Propofol Homicide Video

by | 25th, August 2009

jackson-boyMICHAEL Jackson Homicide Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – propofol is the choice of child abuse victims, killed by a “conflict of interest“, the last days of Jackson timeline and Jackson’s stomach opened…

Michael Jackson is dead and the media is filling the void between the funeral show and the Great Gig in the Sky burial with tales of homicide and speculation about who Wacko-ed Wacko Jacko.  

Anorak’s Man in LA investigates propofol, the drug that Michael Jackson was parital to. Before we go on, this:

The LA County coroner’s office has refused to comment on reports by the Associated Press that Jackson’s death is being treated as a homicide.

We have not released any information on the Jackson case,” said a spokesman. “We do not know where this information is coming from.”

So, the homicide story is wrong? Says Our Man in the Hollywood Hills:

Did Michael Jackson use the drug propofol to block out memories of being sexually abused as a child?…

Propofol Abuse Growing Problem for Anesthesiologists,” from the May 2007 issue of Anesthesiology News, says propofol is among the most widely-used anesthetic agents in both hospitals and doctors’ offices (“It’s everywhere,” says one doctor). It’s also the drug of choice among doctors and anesthesiologists looking for a quick high…

“’Propofol is a drug that in a sense doesn’t get you high,’ said Omar S. Manejwala, MD, associate medical director at the William J. Farley Center at Williamsburg Place, an addiction treatment clinic in Virginia that, like Talbott, also focuses on physicians. ‘It blocks out the world…

“What’s puzzling, experts said, is the strength of the connection. ‘I don’t know of any other drug where the perceived incidence of trauma, particularly of sexual trauma [in abusers], is so high,’ Dr. Manejwala said. ‘It’s really quite remarkable.'” – TB

Huff Po: “Michael Jackson: A Victim of Conflict of Interest”

The cardiologist who treated Michael Jackson succumbed to a blatant conflict of interest: dangerous practice in exchange for dollars.

Says blogging doctor Carol Cassella, who’s also a novelist. No, her books don’t put people to sleep, not evne the heavy hardback anthology. No, that would be ridiculous:

Such conflicts bleed through many layers of healthcare today, from pharmaceuticals to scientific studies to durable medical goods and, yes, even the protected realm of the doctor-patient pact. It is a shadowy cost of healthcare — in both lives and money — that few lobbyists are likely to decry, but a cost Congress needs to examine before finalizing our next healthcare financing scheme.

Anyone feel a cause coming on?


A doctor involved in the MICHAEL JACKSON death investigation is urging U.S. President BARACK OBAMA to clamp down on “unethical” medics who exchange “controlled medication” for money.

Dr. Susan Essien Etok has told cops probing the superstar’s sudden death in June (09) that the King of Pop pressured her to prescribe him drugs and even offered her $750,000 (GBP500,000).

In a letter obtained by, the medic claims she attempted to “intervene and expose Michael’s dependency (while he was alive)” but was “blocked by ‘forces’ that are more powerful than I am”.

So why didn’t she intervene by telling the media, which do so love a Jackson story? Or by writing a blog, like Carol Cassella?

MTV: Based on the affidavit, the following is a rough timeline of Jackson’s final days:

Such are the facts:

June 22: Two days prior to his death, Murray attempted to wean Jackson from propofol by giving him a lower, 25 milligram dosage, along with anti-anxiety drug Ativan (lorazepam) and the sedative Versed (midazolam), which successfully got Jackson to go to sleep.

June 23: Leaving the propofol out, Murray gave Jackson Ativan and Versed, which helped Jackson get to sleep.

June 25, approx. 1:30 a.m.: Again leaving out the propofol, Murray gave Jackson a 10-milligram tablet of Valium.

2 a.m.: Unable to sleep, Jackson was injected with 2 milligrams of Ativan through an IV by Murray.

3 a.m.: With Jackson still awake, Murray gave the singer 2 milligrams of Versed through an IV.

5 a.m.: Jackson was still not asleep, at which point Murray gave him another 2 milligrams of Ativan through an IV.

7:30 a.m.: Murray administered the still restless Jackson another 2 milligrams of Versed in his IV. During this entire sequence, Murray reportedly told investigators, he was at Jackson’s bedside monitoring him with a pulse oximeter connected to the singer’s finger to measure his pulse and oxygen statistics.

10:40 a.m.: After repeated requests and demands from Jackson, Murray finally gave him 25 milligrams of propofol, diluted with the local anesthetic lidocaine through the IV drip to keep Jackson sedated. The lidocaine, which Jackson referred to as “anti-burn,” is used to counter-act the typical burning sensation at the site of the propofol injection. Jackson finally went to sleep, and Murray told police he continued to monitor the pop star.

10:50 a.m.: Murray got up to go to the bathroom.

10:52 a.m.: Murray returned and noticed that Jackson was not breathing. The doctor began CPR and injected .2 milligrams of Anexate, a drug used to counteract the effects of sedative drugs. Murray called Jackson’s personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, on his cell phone for help and asked him to send security upstairs for an emergency. When no one came to assist, Murray went downstairs to the kitchen and asked the chef to send up Jackson’s eldest son, Prince Michael, then returned to continue CPR.

11:18 a.m.: Murray made the first of three calls spanning 47 minutes on his personal cell phone, which last until 12:05 p.m.; he did not mention these calls to interviewing detectives, who uncovered them through a search of his phone records.

Approximately 12:22 p.m.: Security guard Alberto Alvarez called 911 on his cell phone. The affidavit suggests that nearly 82 minutes passed between the time Murray found Jackson not breathing and the time an ambulance was called.

12:22 p.m.: Los Angeles Fire Department rescue ambulance responded to an emergency call at Jackson’s rented Holmby Hills, California, estate. Jackson was transported to UCLA Medical Center, along with Murray.

2:46 p.m.: Jackson was pronounced dead, and Murray refused to sign the death certificate.

Unknown time later that day: Coroner’s investigators returned to the mansion to investigate and find numerous bottles of antidepressant, anti-anxiety, pain and insomnia medications prescribed by Murray to Jackson, including: diazepam (Valium), prostate medication tamsulosin (Flomax), lorazepam (Ativan) and tempazepam (Restoril). They also found other prescriptions from two other doctors (longtime dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein and general practitioner Dr. Allan Metzger), which included anti-anxiety drug clonazepam (Klonopin), antidepressant trazodone (Desyrel) and muscle relaxer tizanidine (Zanaflex).

The Sun: “Jacko: It WAS homicide”

MICHAEL Jackson’s drug death is officially being treated as homicide, it was confirmed last night.

The Los Angeles Coroner’s ruling means the 50-year-old King of Pop’s personal doctor Conrad Murray is now the prime suspect.

So says the media. What says Dr Conrad Murray?

The doctor’s lawyer, Ed Chernoff, said: “Much of what was in the search warrant affidavit is factual. However, unfortunately, much is police theory. The timeline reported by law enforcement was not obtained through interviews with Dr Murray, as was implied by the affidavit.”

And as for the doctor selling out:

Although Murray admits giving propofol, officials found no evidence he bought it with his medical licence.


At least two unidentified doctors gave him propofol in Germany between March and April 2009…

The Sun told last week how cops were closing in on Murray. US sources claimed he would be charged with manslaughter within two weeks.

Michael Jackson – the story that wouldn’t let die…

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