Anorak News | John Prescott Declares Gore On China

John Prescott Declares Gore On China

by | 26th, August 2009

the-joy-of-sectsJOHN Prescott is not appering on Strictly Come Dancing. What John Prescott is doing is lecturing the Chinese on global warming.

Global warming is the Celebity Squares of world diplomacy.

Richard North looks on, aghast:

John Prescott has landed his most bizarre job yet – as professor of climate change at a Chinese university. Prezza (pictured) has confounded his critics with his new role at Xiamen University on the south east coast of the country where he will give occasional lectures on global warming.

The honour is seen as recognition of the former Deputy PM’s role in negotiating the 1997 Kyoto Treaty to combat climate change. A friend said: “He’s delighted. These professorships are awarded only to senior statesmen and Nobel prize-winners.” On Wednesday, he will launch a New Earth Deal campaign to highlight the impact of climate change ahead of a key conference in Copenhagen.

This is the same Two Jags, One Rover John Prescott who:

Mr Prescott needed the third car because he was not allowed – unlike the prime minister – to use government cars to attend party events, his office said. The car famously fea tured at Bournemouth last year when he and his wife, Pauline, used it to travel 250 yards from the hotel to the conference hall. Mr Prescott claimed that if he had walked along the seafront it would have ruined his wife’s hair-do.

To place a tin lid on Prescott’s ambitions, know that he “is also working on an eco-film along the lines of ex-US vice president al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.”

Note: Precott loves the Chinese-  and, yes, he can eat a whole one:

HAVING cleared his desk of biscuit wrappers and secretaries, John Prescott trots along to his Hull Chinese restaurant du jour, the Chu China Palace, “the largest Chinese restaurant in the UK”.

And that’s just the menu. As Prezza once said, this is “my favourite restaurant in the whole world”, dedicating his memoirs to it, including between pages 34 and 39 a full menu with take away details and recommendations.

Manager Jimmy Chu is said to be delighted as Prescott agrees to stand by Christine Wei Qin Zhong, 27. It is the moment of her marriage.

Says a windy John Prescott: “Better out than in.

Spotter: Tim Blair, Mr Eugenides

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