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Kerry Katona Picks Her Nose On A Podium

by | 27th, August 2009

bi-polarKERRY Katona is in the news. And if it’s not Kerry’s batter, fat and nose making news, it’s her eyes.

Kerry Katona can keep being in the news so long as she doesn’t run out of body parts. Recently, Kerry auctioned off her breast implants, and the thinking is that the monies raised will pay for a new third leg or hair extensions for her back.

As for Kerry’s eyes, Leighton Ogden is telling heat readers all about them. Leighton is billed as a “former friend” of Kerry’s, and Anorak readers will recall his testimony:

Ogden’s first sexual encounter with Kerry had happened four months earlier, shortly after her engagement to Croft—behind a Tesco in Warrington last Valentine’s Day.”

Says Leighton:

“She was on a podium dancing and her eyes were rolling around in the back of her head. She was stumbling about and her jaw was swinging, she was gurning so much.”

Swinging jaw? Rolling eyes in the back of her head? Kerry Katona is either possessed or multi-talented? Or maybe she’s on drugs, which is what Leighton alleges:

“One of the things Kerry does obsessively when she is off her head is pick her nose.”

From a magazine…

As heat says, Kerry’s nose is “collapsing” and “her world has fallen apart”.

Might Kerry’s nose be a barometer to her career – falling apart for the bad, splashed across the papers for the good?

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