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Ryan Jenkins’ Ex-Lover Paulina Chmielecka Talks Of Fights

by | 27th, August 2009

paulina-today-showRYAN Jenkins, an avid Michael Jackson fan, was on the run, accused of killing Jasmine Fiore and chopping up her body and stuffing the remains into a suitcase. And on the telly, Actress and model Paulina Chmielecka is talking to Today Show host Matt Lauer.

As well as being officially blonde and attractive – reason enough to be on TV – Chmielecka dated Ryan Jenkins for two years. Says the woman with the kind of surname Klingon speaking Star Trekkies can translate into “He cut me up and stabbed me into little bits”:

“Of course we fought like any normal relationship but there were no signs of violence.”

So her never killed you and chopped you up into bits in the manner of a more photogenic Henry?

Lauer wonders if Jenkins ever showed her a “hint that this would be a man, in your opinion, who would be capable of doing what he is accused of doing?

Think carefully, Paulina… Think. Did he stab his pancakes? Did he try to push you into a suitcase or long wooden box and introduce you to magic tricks and swords? And we ask again: “Did he ever kill you and cut you into small pieces?”

Paulina: “No.”

Lauer: Did he ever kill himself when you were with him?
Paulina: “It’s not something I’d picture him of doing.”

She then says Jenkins asked for an “open relationship”, which is a euphemism for shagging other women. She declined. And that’s when Jenkins cut her up with a butter knife, right?

Paulina: “We ended off on a good note. We stayed friends but not close friends.”

Lauer: Could you have imagined yourself in this situation?
Paulina: “Again, I can’t put myself in that position…in those shoes. I have no idea how all this happened. The person that I know and his friends know…. it’s pretty much unbelievable.”

Such is the insight on Jenkins, who, wanted on first-degree murder charges, was found hanged at a Canadian motel.

His story is only just beginning…

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