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Michael Jackson Sperm Harvested

by | 27th, August 2009

7586464MICHAEL Jackson Homicide Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson is this week’s Omer Bhatti; Jackson’s sons grow in number; and Jackon’s miracle sperm…

Michael Jackson is not dead – his sperm swims on, at large in a sea of controversy and indecision. Michael Jackson’s sperm cannot be killed by conventional weapons. Rumour has it that Keith Richards washes in it.

And the claim is that this magic sperm has created Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson, who is Michael Jackson’s son. Or isn’t.

One by one we will all be tested to see if we are related to Michael Jackson, a man who some say had no sperm to speak of and other claim flowed with honeyed rivers of the stuff of life.

Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson has the name that proves much, perhaps most of all that mother had time on her hands, as well as a Bible and a small black corgi.

Mum is Zerline LaVette Dixon, and she may be making her own orange basket. She’s filed a creditor’s claim against Michael Jackson’s estate. And the claim includes a birth which states the father to be Michael Joseph Jackson of Indiana.

And before you cynics, clack your marmalade-coated tongue, know that it’s not about the money. It’s the principle. As Zerline’s lawyer LeRue Grim – this operetta writes itself – it’s never about the money:

Malachi has been told his entire life that he is Michael Jackson’s son. His primary goal is to have closure on whether or not Michael was his father, and he wants a DNA test to prove it. Malachi’s primary motivation isn’t money.”

Not his primary motivation, then.

And if the name and the motivation is not enough, Grim puts the tin lid on the client’s case:

“Malachi” looks “exactly like Michael.”

Everyone looks exactly like Michael Jackson – it’s just a matter of picking which bits of Jackson, how much of him and at which stage of his life you resemble.

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