Anorak News | John Mayer’s 1991 Mugshot For Driving Without A License

John Mayer’s 1991 Mugshot For Driving Without A License

by | 27th, August 2009

john-mayer-mugJOHN Mayer’s mugshot is proof that celebs realises that with Twitter they have no need for an agent nor publicist. Mayer uses the social network to tweet a challenge to TMZ’s Managing Editor Harvey Levin.

Anorak’s Man in the Hollywood Swamp spots Mayer’s tweets that he was once arrested on the same charge as Fallout Boy front man Patrick Stump (see his mugshot for more proof of nominative determinism) – driving without a valid California drivers license.

Mayor challenged Levin to track down his mugshot from the offense. If Levin is successful, Mayor will donate $25,000 to the charity of his choice.

Says Rumor Rat:

TMZ insiders say Harvey is so obsessed with finding the mugshot that everything else is being back-burnered.

Even the taping of the TMZ television show – which normally happens at about 6am – was delayed by an hour and a-half while Harvey had his people focused on finding the Mayer mugshot.

Of course, this is Mayer wanting to show everyone that he was once stupid enought to have been arrested, and get his hands on the picture for any autobiography.

One day the publicists will have to buy Twitter or destroy it.  

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