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Islamist Makes Threat To Kill Jose Mourinho

by | 28th, August 2009

mourinhoTHE Sun leads by asking politicians “Don’t you know there’s a bloody war on?”, while the Star keeps things local: “Muslims: we’ll kill Mourinho.”

The war on terror needs a bit of football to spice it up, so here’s the Star keeping it real, and relevant:

FOOTBALL boss Jose Mourinho is living in fear after Muslim nuts threatened to kill him. He is a target for Islamic fundamentalists after blaming a poor display by one of his players on his fasting for Ramadan.

Says Mourinho:

“Muntari had some problems related to Ramadan, perhaps with this heat it’s not good for him to be doing this fasting.”

The player is midfielder Sulley Muntari, the former Portsmouth FC star who used to ply his trade in Israel.

The Star says, “There have even been death threats on some extreme websites.”

That’s extreme websites for you, making extreme comments and taking extreme offence at the slightest provocation.

One fanatic, calling himself Islam Wolfe, said:

“This man is a fool. He should be cut down.”

Islam Wolfe – the German Jewish Islamist extremist Inter Milan hating nutter? And is that a death threat? Perhaps Mourinho should be “cut down” by a sliding tackle?

Mohamed Nour Dachan, is president of Union Of The Islamic Community in Italy, and he tells one and all: “I think Mourinho could talk a little less.

Anyone who has heard Mourinho rabbit on and on, giving full throat to rhetoric and ludicrous theories may wonder that he’s not in actual fact an Islamist internet preacher, or involved with the Union of the Islamic Communities in Italy. Get his from the aforesaid Dachan:

“A practising Muslim player is not weakened because we know from the Institute of Sports Medicine that mental and psychological stability can give a sportsman an extra edge on the field.”

Nothing like starvation to sharpen the mind and quicken the boots. Hold the Cristal champagne and the half-time pep pills.

Meanwhile, a war on terror rages and Jose Mourinho is alive and well…

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