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Kelly Osbourne’s Fierce Addiction to Vicodin With Britney Spears

by | 28th, August 2009

kelly-osbourne3WALKING button mushroom Kelly Osbourne has “lived under constant media scrutiny since hitting our TV screens in The Osbournes”.

It’s been hard for Kelly living under the media glare. Just how hard you can read about in Kelly’s new book Fierce, by Kelly Osbourne. And therein you can reada bout how Kelly used Vicodin, Hillbilly heroin, to beat the demons, cure the pain and get off her face.

Says the Sun:

Knocked by family tragedies including Sharon’s cancer battle, her dad’s quad bike accident and brother Jack’s drug problem, Kelly turned to prescription painkiller Vicodin.

Jacks drugs problems triggered Kelly’s drugs problems?

Here, in our first exclusive extract from her new book, Fierce, she tells how her first experiences with alcohol and prescription drugs at 13 led to a downward spiral that saw her in rehab four times in six years.

Rehab centres come with a revoling door fitted as standard. Rehab patients always seem to return for more treatment. Rehab works. A thousand rehab centres and a million therapists cannot be wrong. The entire extract is about Kelly’s drug taking. Drugs really do make you more interesting, kids. So pay attention.

My dad went into rehab the day after I was born. He was in the Betty Ford Clinic for the first three months of my life.

Are those two events connected?

There would be plenty more rehabs but little did I realise my life would be affected by addiction too.

Round and round the rehab door goes, where it stops, no-one knows.

In December 2003, Dad fell off a quad bike in the grounds of our Buckinghamshire home. At hospital he seemed OK, and kept pressing the morphine button so it would go into his system quicker – bloody typical. He pointed at the nurses and said, “Don’t let them f*** up my tattoos, Kel.”

But then he started making these gargling noises and brown bubbles came out of his mouth. There was a deafening flat-line noise coming from the machine he was attached to…

Eight days after, they took him off the ventilator. I said, “Dad, our single Changes is No1“. He held up one of his fingers. The tears poured down my cheeks.

It’s just beautiful. A life in rehab centres can be:

* As Jack and Dad were celebrating their one-year anniversary of being clean, I was checking into Promises clinic in Malibu on April 2, 2004…

* A year later, in 2005, I was having a Sunday roast with Mum and Dad and I nodded off at the table. I woke up to my parents looking over me in floods of tears. Dad was saying: “Kel, you’ve got to get help. You’ve just f***ing nodded off on us.”..

Sorry, mum and dad. It’s just the endless repetirion about dad’s drugs past, Pixie-voiced mum’s pooing dogs, Jack’s drugzzzzzz….

* I went to Las Encinas Hospital in LA and went through horrendous cold turkey again.

* They checked me into the psychiatric ward at the UCLA Medical Institution in LA, where years later Britney Spears would be sectioned.

I was there first. It was me, I tell you. Me.

* The next day the Hazelden rehab centre in Oregon collected me. It felt like I’d been in Groundhog Day since I was 16.

We know the feeling, Kelly. The repetition. The feeling of things going nowhere. The repetition. The feeling of things going nowhere. The…

Now Kelly has written a book, which may be part of her rehab, one her 12 chapters to redemption. And she proves that you don’t need Viocodin to feel relaxed and ready to nod off, you just need to talk about yourself more…

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