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Jaycee Lee Dugard Lived On Propofol, Cigarettes And Cola

by | 29th, August 2009

jaycee-garrido-arrestedJAYCEE Lee Dugard has been found alive. Jaycee’s alleged kidnappers and rapists Phillip Garrido and Nancy Garrido, his wife, are in jail. And the media gets to work: Jaycee is like a child; Jaycee loves Phillip Garrido; Jaycee failed by the police; Jaycee is…

Well what do you want her to be? Can it be made worse? Can Jaycee have been made to live on propofol, cola and cigarettes?

Mr Garrido, 58, and his wife, Nancy, 55, pleaded not guilty yesterday at El Dorado Superior Court to 29 charges, including the false imprisonment of Jaycee, forced abduction and rape. A judge ordered them to be held without bail. Mrs Garrido sobbed and put her head in her hands throughout the five-minute court hearing while Mr Garrido betrayed no emotion.


What do we know about Jaycee Dugard, then? The Sun’s “Social Psychologist” Dr Sandra Wheatley gives her expert view:

Hers is an incredibly complex case as she had two children by abductor Phillip Garrido…

Complex, yes. Go on…

She could have very mixed emotions about the kids because they resulted from her being forced to have sex. It will take a lot for her to untangle her thoughts and put it behind her. Perhaps she never will.

Such are the facts.

As for Garrido, well let’s make the case even bigger, because the man who kidnapped a child , raped her, impregnated her and kept her in shed for 18 years might not be enough news…

KIDNAP monster Phillip Garrido is led from court in shackles yesterday – as cops probing the murders of ten hookers searched the “prison” where he held Jaycee Lee Dugard for 18 years…

The bodies of several vice girls were dumped on land near where Garrido worked.

How near?

Garrido allegedly worked at an industrial site near where the victims’ bodies were found. He also served time from 1977 to 1988 on a separate kidnapping and sexual assault case.

And what about Jaycee Dugard being like a child, as the Sun says? Well the Mirror covers that:

Daily Mirror: “MY HELL”

Jaycee’s stepdad Carl was a model of understatement yesterday as he said: “I think they’re pretty happy”… Carl said Jaycee seemed remarkably well despite everything she has endured. He added: “She sounds normal. She told my wife she remembers everything. She told her mother ‘Mum I’ve got a baby’. Terry said ‘How many?’ And Jaycee said, ‘I’ve got two, they are 15 and 11-years-old’. “My wife says Jaycee looks good. She looks almost like when she was kidnapped. She looks very young. She doesn’t look 29. “I don’t know whether Jaycee is still 11-years-old in her mind. I mean, who calls a 15-year-old and an 11 year-old babies?”

So she’s like a child, right? Well, no. And as for grown up talking about their babies, remember David O’Leary?

To clear it up, the Star has an exclusive interview, or at least it makes its front-page headline seem as though it has:

Daily Star: “My guilt over my love for kidnapper”

Once more we hear not from Jaycee but her step father Carl:

“Jaycee feels really guilty for bonding with this man. There’s really a guilt trip here. It’s pretty sick. I feel sorry for Jaycee going through this. He’s had her locked up in the backyard for 18 years.”

The Daily Express backs up the news in: “My guilt by kidnap girl”. Or, a it turns out, by her step-dad.

But if you want guilt, why not look to the police, who never found Jaycee Dugard until Garrido walked into a police station.


Sex-slave Jaycee Lee Dugard and her daughters could have been freed three years ago, police admitted last night…

They said a neighbour made an emergency call in 2006 to say that her captor, Phillip Garrido, was a ‘psychotic’ with a sex addiction and had children living in tents in his back garden in Antioch, California.

Officers went to the house but did not ask to see the garden. Instead they told Garrido, who had served a jail sentence for kidnap and rape, that local housing rules meant children could not camp out there.

Daily Telegraph: “Missed chance to save kidnapped girl”

Well, yes. There must have been many. Garrido was on the sex offenders’ register.

But what about Jaycee’s mum?

The Guardian: “Mom I’m home”

Or “mum”, as Britishers are wont to say. In any case, this is artistic licence. Did Jaycee really say that? Well, no.

The Times: “A mother’s grief: but after 18 long years Jaycee Dugard is home”

But the piece contains no word from Jaycee’s mum, just more newspaper speculation and educated guess work.

And Jaycee Dugard is in the news…

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