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Phillip Garrido Knows Charles Manson

by | 29th, August 2009

phillip-garrido-51JAYCEE Lee Dugard: Who is Phillip Garrido, kidnapper of Jaceyee Lee Dugard? Why, they say he is a monster. He is Charles Manson. He is Fred West. He is Josef Fritzl. He is whoever took Madeleine McCann.

You find out what he is here, by listening to his words. Or else you can read the mainstream media, and discover that Phillip Garrido is whatever the media say he is:

Charles Manson

…with his dark, remorseless eyes, skeletal features, receding hairline and thin lips, Phillip Garrido resembles an altogether different type of monster: the mass murderer Charles MansonDavid Jones

Fred West & Friends

There are lessons to be learnt from the case of Phillip Garrido — the same ones we should have learnt from the cases of Wolfgang Priklopil, Josef Fritzl, Marc Detroux, or Fred and Rosemary West Stefanie Marsh

Maddy’s Mystery ‘Nappers

US ‘Maddy’ turns up 18 years after her abduction – The blonde, blue-eyed girl was 11 years old when she was abducted from outside her home near Lake Tahoe, California – Chris Ayres

Herr Fritzl

11-year-old girl kidnapped and abused by US Fritzl found alive after 18 years – Anton Antonowicz

Phillip Garrido is, well, Phillip Garrido. Just as Jaycee Lee Dugard is her own person. Unless the media wants an easy story, in which case make your assumptions…

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