Anorak News | Jaycee Dugard: Daughters Pictured, Crazy Garrido And LSD Zombie Paedo Orgies

Jaycee Dugard: Daughters Pictured, Crazy Garrido And LSD Zombie Paedo Orgies

by | 29th, August 2009

jaycee-lee-dugardJAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: the zombie daughters of a fiend, the pictures of Jaycee’s room, the weird daughters, Manuel Garrido speaks and the psychic…

NOTW: “First pictures of Jaycee’s tragic daughters”

They were “fathered by a fiend”.

They are the “zombie kids”.

They will tell you of “orgies in peado’s lair

Look! Look! Look! LOOK!

Miss Dugard and her daughters are currently staying at an undisclosed hotel in the Antioch area. Well, so the police say.

Sunday Mirror: “Kidnapped Jaycee Lee’s children spoke like ‘robots’ say rescuers”

Security guard Lisa Campbell and police officer Allison Jacobs said they got a “weird, uneasy feeling” when they looked into the eyes of Jaycee’s two daughters, who were fathered by rapist Garrido…

And the fact he’d been handing our relegious nuttery on a campus.

Allison said: “We walked in and I said, ‘Excuse me, Sir, who are these two young ladies?’ He said, ‘Oh, these are my daughters’ and introduced them.

“Lisa asked, ‘Do you go to school?’ And like robots they said, ‘Home schooled’. We both noticed straight away the colouring of these two little girls, that they were extremely pale. But they had bright blue eyes, just like him – penetratingly blue eyes and I just got a weird uneasy feeling again. I was looking at the young daughter who was staring across at me. It was almost as if she was staring into my soul. And she had this smile on her face.

This and his criminal record and the fact he had no daughters alerted you to…

“The older daughter’s eyes were darting up at the ceiling and she was looking at her dad like she was in awe of him.”

Sunday Times: “How evil goes undetected in our midst”

HOW did he manage to get away with it for so long? The people of Antioch, California, will be asking themselves this as details emerge of the horrific alleged crimes of Phillip Garrido that have been unfolding in their midst. It is the same question still being asked in Amstetten in Austria more than a year after it emerged that Josef Fritzl had raped and incarcerated his daughter and fathered seven children with her, all in the cellar of his home on a busy road in the town centre. And perhaps in Gloucester, where Fred and Rosemary West murdered at least 12 young women at their house in the 1970s and 1980s.

Bojan Pancevski has questions.And a neat line in Tabloid Bingo.

Associated Content: “Jaycee Dugard Found; How Many Others Are There?”

Ask Bojan Pancevski.

Sunday Telegraph: “First pictures of Jaycee’s secret world”

A woman’s hair-brush sits next to make-up trays and a set of colouring crayons next to a fish-tank. There are gardening books for adults and children, an array of shells, knick-knacks and porcelain figures, and repeated evidence of a cat-lover. A bag of Special Kitty pet-food sits next to a copy of Cat Fancy magazine, while children’s books such as The Cat Who Went To Paris and cat ornaments sit on a shelf above a cat jigsaw.

And Bookzzzzzzzzz…

Sunday Express: “Inside kidnap victim Jaycee’s tragic prison”

Star: “Inside Jaycee’s Jail”

Mail on Sunday: “ANALYSIS: Why didn’t Jaycee escape? She had the chance”

She had the chance?

Dorothy Row, Author And Clinical Psychologist knows:

Paedophiles are experts at nurturing an ‘anxious attachment’ with their victims. It is the purpose of ‘grooming’. After the initial terror of being kidnapped, Jaycee will have worked out that escape was not possible. The survival instinct would have kicked in.

Mail on Sunday: “Father of Jaycee ‘kidnapper’ Garrido says motor cycle crash and LSD ‘killed his brain’ and left him hearing voices from God”

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday, 88-year-old Manuel Garrido revealed his son Phillip started to hear voices in his head – even believing that God was talking to him – when he became addic-ted to the hallucinogenic drug.

“He had a motorcycle wreck, and hit his head. He was never the same again. He fell in with a bad crowd of Mexicans, started taking LSD, and it f***** him up. He went nuts. He’s not in his right head. The little bastard doesn’t know what he’s doing. ‘I feel really sorry for this girl he kidnapped, but Phillip’s not in his right head….

The boy we knew is never the man he becomes:

“As a little boy, he was the sweetest kid you’ve ever seen. He was bright, intelligent and polite. When other kids were running wild in restaurants, he’d be sitting politely and quietly. He was never any trouble. He was clever and good with his hands. He could do complex electronics, could play many instruments and loved the guitar.

“As a child, he’d see hippies with long hair and laugh at them. He was a good kid. He formed a band, and they played at dances. He was happy and popular.

“Then he had his accident and became hooked on LSD, and it warped his mind. That was terrible. He did weird things after that. He’d hear voices. He hears voices still.

“We tried to get him help, but what could a doctor do? The LSD had killed his brain. He says that God talks to him, and all this stuff. He’s crazy. Crazy.”

ChattahBox: “Jaycee Dugard’s First Words to Her Mother: ‘Hi Mom, I Have Babies’”

The Guardian was wrong, then?

And mum?

MyFoxDetroit: “Jaycee Dugard’s Mom Consulted Psychic”

A psychic said that she predicted that kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard would return home safely. Dayle Schear, a Reno, Nev., psychic who has worked on high-profile cases like the O.J. Simpson case, was consulted by Dugard’s mother, Terry Probyn, in 1991. KOLO-TV reports that Schear told Probyn , “I looked her in the eyes and I said please do not give up on this child…eventually she’ll walk through the door, you’re going to see her again.”

Although she failed to say when, where or how.

Jaycee Dugard in pictures

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