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Summer Of Death: Rolling Stones’ Brian Jones Was Murdered

by | 30th, August 2009

1204798IT’S the summer of death and we are made to remember that before Michael Jackson there was Brian Jones – the former Rolling Stones guitarist died 40 years ago.

Now Jones’s death is to be reviewed in light of  new evidence. No, not a new Rolling Stones anniversary tribute. Well, not yet. New evidence of a crime.

Jones’ body was found at the bottom of a swimming pool at a house in Cotchford farm, Hartfield, East Sussex in July 1969.

Dead. End of story. Well, no. In showbiz no-one dies any more. The resting star just enters a new phase in their career development. And the Celebrity Police Force, the CFP, do so love meeting a star.

News is that the Sussex CPF have been handed new information on Jones’s death.

Back then, the coroner’s report stated “Death by misadventure“.

Jones’s lover, the Swedish Anna Wohlin (pictured), said she had dived into the pool and pulled him out and given him artificial respiration. But he died.

At the inquest, PC Albert Evans said that he had found at the scene a small bottle of brandy, a vodka bottle, a bottle of whisky and a number of containers containing different types of pills.

In the film ‘Stoned‘, the theory that Jones was murdered is explored. Stoned advances the not unheard but so far unproven view that the hapless ex-Stone was done away with by his disgruntled, one-eyed builder, the late Frank Thorogood…

A dead builder. A dead star. And a mystery.

A spokesman for Sussex police says the force has been handed documents connected with Jones’s death, prompting the review. Says the CPF’s publicist stood on the station’s steps:

“These papers will be examined by Sussex Police, but it is too early to comment at this time as to what the outcome will be.”

That’s right – the celebrity-obsessed police now issue press releases on showbiz stories.

Maybe they can now get to meet Keef, Mick and the lads?

The CFP always meets its man…

The swimming pool at Cotchford Farm, near Hartfield, Sussex, where Brian Jones, 27 year old former lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones pop group, died after a midnight swim.

Brian Jones

Anna Wohlin

The Rolling Stones' Brian Jones

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