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Organic Is Now Classified As A Religion

by | 31st, August 2009

organic-kosherANORAK is an organic publication but – WARNING! – it does come into contact with non-organic organs. The advise from the the Federation Of Organic Discples is that you order two computers – one for organic and one for non-organic.  Organic being the new religion.

Jennifer Jacquet supplies us with this sign displayed at her local Vancouver market, which is owned by Whole Foods:

“Dear customers: Please be advised that our Bread Slicer is used for both Organic and Conventional items”

Jacquet wants to know: “Are You an Eco-Douchebag?

Your answer may well depend on how you respond to the sign.

A) Do you clack your marmalade–coated tongue and sneer (which is your sole purpose in going into a branch of Whole Foods).

B) Do you shake your head that anyone should buy bread from a shop made from non-organic bricks – bricks that might as well be tied to Gaia’s vinegar-injected breasts and used to drag her to the bottom of a sea of toxic soup.

C) Who the **** doesn’t make their own bread?

Vote now and vote often…

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