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Jaycee Dugard’s Modelling Portfolio, In Pictures

by | 2nd, September 2009

jaycee-garridos3JAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news: Jaycee Dugard put her modelling portfolio on Phillip Garrido’s business cards.

The Telegraph reports that Jaycee Lee Dugard put her picture on business cards as ‘cry for help‘.

This is a statement of fact. Facts are thin on the ground in the big media feeding frenzy. Nick Allen has done well to find a new one. And then Nick Allen in Antioch tells us:

Jaycee Lee Dugard included a photograph of herself on business cards she made for her alleged abductor Philip Garrido in what may have been a cry for help.

May have been. And may not have been. Such are the facts.

A local businessman, who saw one of the cards, said: “Allissa did all the graphic design for him and she put her photo on the cards.

Another client, Cheyvonne Molino, 35, who owns a wrecking business, said: “Her picture was all over his business cards for the last 10 years. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a beautiful young lady and was aspiring to do modelling.”

So many facts. Jaycee’s looks are relevant – those blue eyes and blonde hair keep the media interested. And then another fact: Garrido is not as sane as you may suppose:

Andy Dryer, 41, who runs an auto business and fixed Garrido’s car, said: “He was weird. He said he could read my wife’s mind. He asked her what she was thinking and then said it was God. It wasn’t.”

Good God?

Garrido brought the two daughters he fathered by Miss Dugard – Starlet, 15, and Angel, 11 – to the shop.

Mr Dryer said: “I saw them both and they seemed find. He gave me a bunch of literature about a church or cult he was trying to open up.”

You mean to say that the mindless zombies seemed fine? What does this say about the state of California teens, people? They seemed normal.

Jaycee Dugard is in hiding – hiding form a voracious media.

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