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Pregnant Coleen Rooney Coped With Holiday

by | 2nd, September 2009

7653867COLEEN Rooney is advertising her new child in OK!, and readers learn that Coleen has had “no weird cravings”, just the usual desire to share every moment of her brilliant life with us and a penchant for shopping.

Coleen’s baby is “amazing”, and lest you think your baby is like Coleen’s, know that it is not, as she says:

“The whole process of giving birth is different for everyone.”

Some tell OK!. Others tell Hello!. As she says, giving birth is different for everyone.

Coleen says she wants more children but is “going to wait to have the first one before we decide”. Coleen has just one womb. (The extension is being built and won’t be ready for a while and the NHS doesn’t supply baby birthing bags yet.)

Coleen goes on to tell us that she “coped” in the sun on her holidays, and is keeping active by walking at the gym, on a machine. She also says:

“You should let babies be babies and just put them in babygros.”

And that people who think what Coleen’s baby will look like should “Get a life”, while telling us that she has brown eyes and Wayne has blue eyes, so wait and see.

Adding with not a hint of irony:

“…it has nothing to do with anyone else what me and Wayne do with out lives.”

Coleen then goes on to say that she will be going back to work. What Coleen’s job is hard to say, but there is every chance that appearing in six different outfit to talk about herself and her footballer in OK! is it.

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