Anorak News | Katie Price’s Anti-Rape TV Show And Peter Andre’s Boast Card

Katie Price’s Anti-Rape TV Show And Peter Andre’s Boast Card

by | 3rd, September 2009

katie-price12KATIE Price and Peter Andre’s Divorce: Katie Tops Country Life poll, shock on the rape shock, a new self-defence TV show and Dignified Peter sends a boast card from Marbella, with the kidzzzzz…

Following news in OK! that Katie Price was raped, comes news in OK! sister organ, the Daily Star of Peter Andre’s reaction.

Reading Northern & Shell news, which owns both titles, is akin to listening to a phone call from the space shuttle.

Monday (Jordan): I woz waped
Tuesday (Peter Andre): Shucks.
Wednesday (Jordan): Wearlly. Its me darkist seekwit.
Thursday (PA): Shucks. Raaaaaapeee isssss payyyyne / lyke dri-i-i-veeeeenggg raaaiiin…

The Star’s Gemma Wheatley is on the switchboard and turns to tell us:

Peter Andre is stunned by Jordan’s claims that she was raped ‘more than once’.

He thought it was only once?

He says she never mentioned it to him over their three-and-a-half-year marriage.

She never told us before either, and we her friends who shared her intimate moments for years.

Wheatley then scours the message boards:

One angry fan blogged: “Can anyone believe a word she says? It’s a desperate bid for attention. First there was the cancer scare, then the miscarriage – and now it’s rape. No-one is saying she is lying, but her timing seems to be spot on. Rape should not be used to score column inches. This is a disgrace.”

While the Star and OK! exchange all the views, we see what Katie Price’s confession is doing for her career:

Daily Mirror: “Jordan fits in with Alex”

Our source said: “Alex is in the final stages of signing this TV deal called Self Defence with Alex Reid and filming could start as early as October…

“Alex will also be showing men and women how to look after themselves should they become a victim of a violent attack. This, of course, is a matter that is so close to Katie’s heart.”


In his new! magazine column this week, Pete Andre is not talking about rape, he’s talking about his kidzzzzz:

“I am taking the children on holiday in Spain this week for a short break before they go back to school. We are only going to Spain for four days, but we are hoping to cram lots of fun stuff in.”

But take care, Peter, Mirror nodding head Coleen Nolan sees danger ahead:

…Because they are sure as hell going to suffer enough from being catapulted to stardom in such awful circumstances at such incredibly young ages…

So come on, Jordan and Peter – it is time to give the kids a break and turn off the cameras. And for all of us – me included – it’s time to turn the telly off.

But what then will you have to talk about Coleen, apart from your own kidzzzzz?

But it’s not all bad news for Katie Price, as she comes at the bottom of the top poll:

The Independent‘s: Alice-Azania Jarvis tells us:

Another feather, now, for Katie Price’s riding hat. We hear that the glamour model, who’s been on the receiving end of more than a little bad press in recent months, is to achieve that singular tweedy accolade – a place in Country Life magazine’s “Top 100”. Bringing up the rear at No 100, Price is hailed by the traditionally toffee-nosed bible (alongside the Queen at No 1) for her role as an “astute businesswoman” and “ambassador for equestrian sports”. No mention, however, of her contribution to modelling.

Or dressage, as horsey types call it…

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