Anorak News | China Executes Swine Flu Victims

China Executes Swine Flu Victims

by | 3rd, September 2009

elmo swine fluSWINE Flu is not yet old news. In China they are using bullets to beat the disease, executing it at root. Celebrities are catching it, and so can you.
But how to get the message out there? Why, with Sesame Street, Google and comic books…

You can download the Google app and avoid the tagged microbes. Or you can scare the kidz by commandeering the Sesame Street dwellers to tell them that swine flu is the way to go.

Hey, kids, if you want a day off school, here’s how to get one. And with any luck you might even be quarantined and forced to wear gloves or matching Elmos on our hands.

Tehran Times: “First step to fight H1N1: Keep sick kids home” – especially if they’re of voting age, Right, Chariman Mo? “Right, Anorak,. Swine flu kileld Neda Soltan and…”

And do wash your hand before inserting them into your Muppets, especially Miss Piggy.

For those of you living in King County, Washington state, ther a comic book to read to the kids at night and tell them that micobes never sleep.

Public Health – Seattle & King County has developed a 12-page comic book on pandemic flu in multiple languages. Targeting readers of all ages, this story tells the tale of a family’s experience with the 1918 influenza pandemic.


Thankfully, there is vaccine. But its not for everyone:

Alterntive therapy champion Suzi Cohen explains:

Swine flu vaccine- There isn’t one yet, but when it is developed I won’t be standing in line for it. Should you? That’s a very personal decision.

It seems you can prevent swine flu with olive oil and lots of brisk walks.

In China:

Scientists in China claim they have produced swine flu’s first “magic bullet” – a vaccine that prevents the virus in a single dose.

Yaaaay. Take your buillets pople. One to the abck of the head, please Doctory Murray…


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