Anorak News | Germany’s LadyBag Trumps Victoria Beckham’s Portable Toilet

Germany’s LadyBag Trumps Victoria Beckham’s Portable Toilet

by | 3rd, September 2009

women-toiletINTRODUCING the Ladybag, the disposable portably lavatory for women who need to go, and don’t just want to dump in their handbags.

It looks like Adam’s condom, the one adapted from Eve’s fig leaf, or a tropical fish coming up for bait.

It turns out that the Ladybag isn’t for excreta but for urine. The woman pees in the Ladybag, sides saddle and Ladylike, and the absorbent polymers within turn urine into a gel that can be used to style hair or repel men.

Says Ladybag inventor Eva Tinter to Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine.

“It can be used in cars, or to avoid dirty toilets or at open-air festivals when you don’t want to queue. You can just nip round the back of the toilet and use this. There’s never been a product like this in this form.”

There has. But then Marks & Spencer started charging 5p for them. People like Her Poshness Victoria Beckham are forever taking huge bags about with them that contain an actual full sized convenience, sink, bidet and smallish Filipino women with a warm towel, atomiser and saucer for tips.

You proles get the Ladybag. Ms Tinter goes on:

“The gel prevents unpleasant smells and the bag can be disposed of in rubbish bins. It is not harmful to the environment.”

Girls who are so desperate to go to the toilet that they’ll urinate in their handbags probably don’t overly worry about the smell nor where the bag of wee is deposited.

Although at a cost of €11.27 for three, the Mark & Sparks carrier seems a cheaper option. And can you get any money back if you take back your sort-of empties?

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