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Jaycee Dugard: Picture Of Phillip Garrido’s Kidnap And Rape

by | 3rd, September 2009

garrido-rapeJAYCEE Lee Dugard – Anorak’s look at Jaycee Dugard in the news:  The tabloid battle to make Jaycee Lee Dugard’s ordeal worse moves on as Radar publishes details of “Philip Garrido’s Shocking Kidnap And Rape Police report” and pictures of him looking “menacing“.

Tautology is not dead.

The report outlines the night Garrido kidnapped, tortured and raped Katie Calloway Hall in Reno after she offered to give him a ride in her car. Hall has already been on the telly to speak of the heinous crime. And now Radar says:

A never before seen picture of a young Garrido is attached to the report. Clean shaven and long haired, a menacing looking Garrido stares straight out at the camera.

“Never seen before” is tabloidese for never before published in a tabloid newspaper. The picture has been seen before, chiefly by the person who took it.

As for being menacing, Garrido looks stoned, with David Cassidy’s hair, a pouty mouth and styling by Brian Eno. He gives his profession as “musician”.

Phillip Garrido doesn’t look menacing. Phillip Garrido – the peado rapist –  looks normal. And that is the really chilling part about it.

It’s the humanity, damn it.

Spotter: Radar

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