Anorak News | Katie Price Introduces Peter Andre’s Mysterious Lover

Katie Price Introduces Peter Andre’s Mysterious Lover

by | 4th, September 2009

katie-price14KATIE Price – Peter Andre Divorce: Yesterday, Katie Price was on the This Morning sofa telling daytime telly watchers about her rape, that “darkest secret”. And that Peter Andre – who we heard knew nothing of the rapes – “He knows who the person is.”

So it was the same person who raped her “more than once”. But while Katie looks to a career as a self-defence anti-rape campaigner, she also cocks a glance towards Peter Andre, who is sending us a boast card by way of the boys at Matrix Pictures. Peter is in Marbella.

Says Katie Price:

“Pete is seeing a girl, it’s not come out yet but it’s slowly coming out because I’ve read about it. I’ll be fine about it though, as long as they are good to the children, that’s all I ask.”

Katie Price is now getting news on her estranged husband by reading about it? Can you trust all that you read?

The Star is sure that you can and delivers the front-page screamer:

“LIAR Peter’s Got A Secret Lover”

Is he? Who is this lover? And how secret would this lover have to be to avoid being photographed and filmed as she goes about with Sentimental Pete? The Star equips its front page with a shot of Jordan-lite Chantelle Houghton. It then sticks to the facts:

BITCHY Kate Price yesterday humiliated hubby Peter Andre by blurting out on national TV that he has a secret lover.

This is “sour-faced Kate”.

The Star investigates Katie’s claim by calling Peter Andre’s agent on speed dial – from the same firm that now represents Chantelle Houghton and no longer services Jordan. Such is the state of the news business:

Peter’s spokesman said last night: “This is categorically 100% untrue. Peter is very ready to start dating again but we only wish he had the time and the freedom to go out on a date with anyone.”

Peter Andre lacks freedom? What constrains him? Yes, he is still married. But can it be that he is trapped in the media narrative that has Peter The Good taking on Katie The Bad?

In which case, he should know that the media likes nothing more than bringing down the good and saving the bad….

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