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All The Best Bits From Michael Jackson’s Funeral

by | 4th, September 2009

Jackson Michael FuneralMICHAEL Jackson Funeral And Tribute Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Michael Jackson in the news – pictures from the funeral, fan’s name change, fans kept out and Jackson is King of Heaven…

MICHAEL Jackson’s has been buried. And the world’s media looks on:


The funeral of Michael Jackson proved to be a scene of intimate sorrow for his loved ones… Jackson’s 11-year-old daughter Paris and her brothers, Prince Michael and Blanket, began the service by placing a bejeweled crown on their father’s golden casket. They were composed through most of the hour-and-a-half ceremony in Glendale, Calif.

Feel the intimacy. The Times senses privacy…

Although a pooled video feed of the arriving guests was made available by the Jackson family, it was cut off sharply as the proceedings began. Meanwhile, the Glendale police department had set up an exclusion zone outside Forest Lawn — enforced by uniformed and plainclothes officers — and the Federal Aviation Authority restricted all flights within a three-mile radius, to stop news helicopters from hovering overhead.

Nevertheless, flights above 3,000ft were allowed, and cable news channels, including CNN, broadcast silent footage taken from circling aircraft throughout the ceremony.

Daily Mirror: Michael Jackson funeral: All the details from inside the service as Jacko is laid to rest

In contrast to the star-studded public memorial event stages at LA’s Staples Centre, today’s funeral was a private affair.

The Jackson family did allow a live video feed of guests arriving… An airborne camera provided by LA broadcaster KTLA, however, continued to run. It showed a coffin covered in white flowers taken to the front of the congregation.

As for the burial, you can have one, if you can afford it:

Set in vast, landscaped grounds with gardens, sculptures, churches and fountains, Forest Lawn offers a range of funeral packages costing up to £7,880.

The Sun says it costs £100,000 to be buried like Jackson, which seems cheap. But where is Jackson? He’s in any one of 12 plots bought to keep the ghouls away; or got keep all his bits in:

The Sun: “Jacko to rest near Walt Disney”

MICHAEL Jackson will be buried today close to idols Walt Disney & one of Three Stooges.

Clues. For fans to follow:

660 News: “Sprinkling of hopeful fans show up for view of Michael Jackson funeral”

After the service was under way, the number of onlookers dwindled. Jesse Hudson remained on the sidewalk, singing along to “Thriller” on a boom box and clutching a Styrofoam tombstone he plastered with pictures of Jackson. He said he would stay there until the family drove away.

Touching stuff. But what of those who were there?

Mirror: “Others guests took to tweeting about the experience.”

Mr Al Sharpton wrote on his Twitter page: “What MJ went through was so unfair yet he succeeded. In the end, he was the biggest artist ever. He faced the headwinds but he made it.”

Well, blow me. No, don’t. Let’s keep things clean and respectful for the amn the tabloids called Wacko Jacko. You too Bubbles.

BBC: “Pop legend name change for woman”

A Warwickshire woman has changed her name to include ‘Michael Jackson’ in honour of the late pop legend. Marina Jane Michael Jackson, of Warwick, said she had been a life-long fan of the star and his death prompted her to take his name by deed poll. “I got divorced about six years ago and I have had my married name since, so I was looking at changing my name anyway,” she said.

She used to be called Marina Diana Spencer, allegedly.

LA Times: “Japan’s first lady has the vision thing – really”

It’s Venus Surfer Miyuki Hatoyama:

In Japan, she established herself as a “life composer” or lifestyle consultant who makes her own clothes, including a dress fashioned from hemp coffee bags. On the campaign trail, she demonstrated a passable Michael Jackson moon walk.

Michael Jackson – The Funeral in Pictures

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