Anorak News | Police Hunt Three Chunky Hookers Who Rated A 2

Police Hunt Three Chunky Hookers Who Rated A 2

by | 4th, September 2009

ugly-hookerTHEY found a woman whose picture they found appealing and called,” says Det. Sgt. Doug Hansen of four “incredibly” intoxicated men who decided to pepper their night by pooling their money to hire a prostitute via Craiglist.

Seattle’s Mountlake Terrace police are hunting for not one but three prostitutes who answered the call and, allegedly, stole $440 from the four clients.

It might easy to find at least one of the women who was hired after the men spotted her picture. But the clients found that when she arrived she bore no resemblance to the vision in the advert. None of the three did.

The men described the women as “larger and thicker” than the woman in the advert. “The men said they were not as advertised,” said Hansen.

Still, the women had turned up and the men handed over the cash. At which point one of the women asked to use the toilet. Having entered the home she set about stealing a Blackberry and some jewellery, Hansen said.

She then made off in a maroon Ford hatchback, running one man over as she left. In case you should feel the urge, here is what to look out for:

The suspects are about 5-feet-8, white and “chunky,” in their late 20s, possibly from Tacoma. One had curly, wavy brown hair and called everyone “baby,” the men told police. The second had lip piercings and stringy brown hair. The third had short, sandy blond hair, according to police.

While trying to describe the suspects to police, the men decided to rate the women on a scale of 1 to 10. Three said the women all rated a “2.” But the man described by police as the most intoxicated disagreed and claimed they rated a “4.”

Was he seeing double? The search continues…


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