Anorak News | Hackney Council Finds New Way To Make The Place Uglier By Painting Over Banksy’s Blur Cover

Hackney Council Finds New Way To Make The Place Uglier By Painting Over Banksy’s Blur Cover

by | 4th, September 2009

banksy-hackneyWAYS to make Hackney even less pretty: paint over a Banksy original with black paint. The Banksy portrait was a spoof image of the Royal Family.

It is now a spoof image of the Royal Family as glimpsed though a tunnel, a dark one.

The painting featured on a building owned by Sofie Attrill, who was happy for the picture to be made for the release of Blur’s 2003 single Crazy Beats.

Says she:

“The workmen were smiling as they did it – they thought it was funny. I just burst into tears. But a crowd gathered and we managed to get them to stop before destroying it completely.”

Hackney Council had sent letters telling Ms Attrill that her painting would be expunged. It needed her consent. Only – get his – the council sent the letters to the wrong address. And with no consent forthcoming they painted over the picture it anyhow.

She continues:

“I don’t care about art or politics – I am just an ordinary girl who liked being cheered up by seeing this on my street. People have always been telling us to sell it or cover it in Perspex, but we only wanted it to be here for the public’s enjoyment. You can’t take a photo if it’s behind a thick plastic screen.”

Nor layer of Hackney Council No. 1.

She continues:

“We never wanted to make money out of it like many do – but it was a part of our lives. Now it’s gone. People are always doing down Hackney but this was something we could all be proud of.”

Says Cllr Alan Liang:

“The council’s position is not to make a judgement call on whether graffiti is art.”

No. Because to do so would require brains, intelligence and sensitivity?

The council drone goes on:

“As soon as we realised this, work stopped. We are now speaking with her about how to resolve the issue.”

Well, it was never about the money, so pecuniary compensation is out. What about allowing her to paint the council’s offices – it being only fair?

Anorak is no expert on art nor graffiti, either but I imagine a large Tag featuring the words “TWATS WORK HERE” and a massive foamy penis should do it…

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