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Farrah Fawcett’s Secret Psychopath Sex Letters

by | 7th, September 2009

7119103FARRAH Fawcett has died. And Greg Lott emerges to say he was Farrah’s love, her secret lover. But now that she’s dead, the secret can be made un-secret. And, it’s not about money. Not at all. And… Well, Anorak’s Man in LA tries to make sense of it on…

Greg Lott’s claims and evidence of a secret, late-life love affair with Farrah Fawcett is now creating a storm in Australia, as the story that broke in the UK and was reported here is now splashed across the Down Under version of OK! Magazine.

We told you on August 29th that Lott had gone public in the Daily Mail with explosive revelations that he and Farrah had been secret lovers for the past eleven years. He produced not only photographs and memories but letters from Farrah, including one in which she writes:

“Sitting here missing you more than I can say and tell you, I had the most wonderful time with you Everything was more than perfect. Thank you for making it so special. No stressure. Great food, great weather, great sex, great, great you!”

The Texan Lott is well known in pop culture history as Farrah’s football hero boyfriend from the University of Texas at Austin who lost her to Hollywood. Articles from the time show that he and Farrah reconnected in the late Nineties after her split from longtime boyfriend Ryan O’Neal, and in 2006 he partnered with Farrah in running her website.

In the weeks before Farrah’s death from cancer, Lott contacted Tabloid Baby to complain that his formerly unlimited access to his dear friend had been cut off by Ryan O’Neal. Lott maintained a vigil in Los Angeles for months, until her death from cancer on June 25th.

Much of the OK! interview and details are identical to the those in the Daily Mail article. Lott goes farther in his attack on O’Neal, however, calling him a “psychopath.”

The article also contains a very interesting paragraph amid the memories in which Lott says he no longer has plans for to write the book he’d announced in July:

“For all his sincerity and sentimentality, Greg Lott is aware of how this looks—secrets revealed by the former lover of a celebrity. And Greg candidly admits that he’s had a chequered past, including two prison terms for drug trafficking. But he insists he’s not in it for the fame of the money (he was not paid for his interview or for the letters and pictures).
“My critics will say I am a disgruntled lover from the ‘60s and I’m looking for a pay day,’ he says. ‘I’m wondering where that pay day might be. I’m not looking to write a book. I don’t have a books deal and I don’t have agenda. But I do have a broken heart and Farrah doesn’t have a voice any more. I would never have spoken out now except that some people are trying to rewrite history. What we had was very real. I am grieving.’”

–  TB

Does it matter what other people say if you know the truth? The result of talking to OK! is that Lott enters the post-Farrah reality TV, read-all-about-it life.

In showbiz no-one ever dies – they just reinvent themselves….

Farrah Fawcett in pictures.

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