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Adolf Hitler Had AIDs

by | 7th, September 2009

aids-hitlerAIDS has a human face. And it belongs to Adolf Hitter, who not only gets to shag non-Aryan women Blondi-style, and put paid to those myths about his homosexuality but give them AIDs.

No condom for Hitler’s new Joy Division as it finds a new way to murder Rebecca -Roma-Ivana-Cohen with biological weapons

The advert is part of the ‘Aids is a mass murderer’ campaign to be broadcast on German TV ahead of World Aids Day on December 1.

Says Dirk Silz, creative director at the Das Committee advertising agency, hired by German Aids awareness group Regenbogen e.V.

“We asked ourselves what face we could give to the virus, and it couldn’t be a pretty face. The campaign is designed to shake people up, to bring the topic of Aids back to centre stage, and to reverse the trend of unprotected sexual intercourse.”

You’d think anyone who was in bed with Hitler would deserve all they got. AIDs victims – sexual collaborators – deserve to get AIDs.

How’s that for a brilliantly conceived and executed ad campaign?

Others victims get to shag Joseph Stalin and Saddam Hussein, in a clear sign that AIDs does indeed have a moustache, although not that one.

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