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Locerkbie Targeted In Britain’s 9/11 Lucozade Bomb Plot

by | 8th, September 2009

bomberHOW do you describe the Islamists who planned to murder thousands of people, and their plot? Here’s how:

The Lucozade bombers” – The Guardian opts for branding, although the BBC’s re-enactment of what would have occurred featured bottles of Oasis, which sounds far more exotic.

The liquid bombers” – The Mirror shuns advertising.

Britain’s 9/11” – The Independent doesn’t know when the bombs were to be detonated but needs a date to position the atrocity on the West, as media protocol dictates. Foreign horrors are known by their location: Mumbai Massacre etc.

The plot to kill 10,000” – The Telegraph counts the intended victims

althoguh  the numerbs do differ:

“5,000” – The Sun

“1,500” – The Guardian

GUILTY OF PLOTTING SEVEN LOCKERBIES” – the Sun aims to keep things on-theme by indicating that all seven plans would have been destroyed over Scotland, thus ensuring that any guilty parties would one day be released to a rapturous homecoming in, er, Luton.

The Times goes with the 9/11 angle, and has more facts:

* But it took three years, two lengthy trials, a massive surveillance operation and more than £50 million in police and legal costs…

* Counter-terrorist police, the security services and prosecutors spent more than £35 million foiling the plot and bringing Ali to justice…

Pictures of the plot.

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