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Seeking Madeleine McCann In Jaycee Dugard’s Horror Story

by | 8th, September 2009

4774481MADELEINE McCann Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Madeleine McCann in the news: With Jaycee Dugard, Phillip Garrido and the detectives in Portugal…

THE Daily Express tells us that the McCanns’ detectives are in Portugal. With facts:

Detectives looking for have returned to Portugal to pursue new leads which could provide a breakthrough in the case.

They could. But what of these new leads?

Ex-policemen Arthur Cowley and Dave Edgar spent several days speaking to “persons of interest” to the inquiry.

Like who? Raymond Hewlett? Victoria Beckham? Or someone new?

“The investigation has real momentum with definite goals. A vast amount of work has already been done and every new lead is being checked,” a source said.

“Definite goals?” Surely there is only one goal – to find Madeleine McCann.

Maybe the detectives should be in California, speaking to Phillip Garrido? Once again, the Jaycee Dugard case is being linked to Our Maddie:

Irish Times: What do they need to know?

PARENTING: RECENT MEDIA coverage of abducted children has prompted debate among both children’s groups and parents about the most appropriate ways to speak to children on the dangers of abduction and inappropriate contact from adults, writes BRIAN O’CONNELL.

Is talking about kidnapping and paedos a form of child abuse? Hey, kids, still got those balloons?

Both the Madeleine McCann case and, in recent weeks, that of Jaycee Dugard, who was found alive 18 years after being abducted from her home, have raised parents’ sensitivities in this area.

It’s every parents’ worst nightmare – and every media’s fallback story.

Now for the experts’ advice:

* Never leave children unsupervised. If you have to pop out to the shop even for five minutes, ask a neighbour to keep a watchful eye…

• Be mindful that the majority of abduction cases involve someone familiar to the person abducted.

Now, read on….

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