Anorak News | Bud Light Lime Is The Taste Of Anal Sex, Advert Claims

Bud Light Lime Is The Taste Of Anal Sex, Advert Claims

by | 9th, September 2009

IF you like Budweiser, you’re an American who takes it in the can. If you like Budweiser Lite you like anal sex. Hey, Wazzzzzup…you?

The can is another name for a toilet, and anyone who has tasted Bud Light Lime will attest that the link between the beverage and licking a toilet seat dribbled in pet urine is apt.

This new viral online ad from DDB is meant, we imagine, to remind viewers that Bud Light Lime now comes in cans, while jokingly equating the drink with anal sex.

This might not be the best marketing ploy. And the cans pun has been done better.

Anorak recalls a pun of some years hence in which two John Smiths’ knotted hankies are sat on a French Riviera beach eyeing a challenging baguette. John Smiths is available in Cannes, though, so all is well.

In this Budweiser advert, DBB seduces new drinkers by reminding them that Bud Light Lime is the taste of anal sex.

“I never thought I’d enjoy getting it in the can as much as I do,” shares a housewife.

“I gave it to my boss in the can,” says an office drone.

“I’m gonna get it in the can in about five minutes,” says a young woman.

The link between anal sex and Budweiser is a stable. In this advert, onanist ‘Jim Scott’ buys a copy of Tongue In Cheeks Mag, gets a free vibrator and a huge phallus. Better had out hero been forced to buy the magazine to hide his shame at buying such a terrible drink, perhaps wrapping the jazz mags about his bottles to hide his shame?

Spotter: Jeremy Mullman, Patrick T. Davis

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