Anorak News | Al Qaeda Drug Dealers On Hijacked Mexican Plane, Pictures

Al Qaeda Drug Dealers On Hijacked Mexican Plane, Pictures

by | 9th, September 2009

PASSENGER plane has been hijacked in Mexico. The plane was on  its way to Cancun when it was diverted to Mexico City. Breaking media has the facts on the Al Qaeda drug dealers onboard:

Now read on – news as it happens – oldest news first. You want facts – you can’t handle the facts:

Gawker:  “Three or four men hijacked a Mexican airliner carrying 104 passengers. The plane is sitting on a runway at the Mexico City airport. A “square box” has been found onboard, and all passengers have reportedly exited the plane.”

BBC: “Mexican media said the hijackers were three Bolivians

NBC: “An unknown number of hijackers” – 20:57

USAToday: “TV Azteca translators, via CNN, say there’s some confusion about whether the hijackers are Bolivian or possibly Colombian.”

CNN: “Three abductorspossibly Bolivians or Colombians

Peruvians? How many?

Five to seven people were taken into custody today after a commercial airliner carrying 104 passengers from Cancun was hijacked en route to Mexico City’s airport.

KVAL: “One of the passengers, Adriana Romero, told Mexican television she had not realized the flight had been hijacked until the plane landed at Mexico City. “We realized it was a hijack when we saw the police trucks,” she said.

KARE11: ” As many as 5 suspects are in police custody in Mexico City”

More breaking news as it breaks…

Examiner: “It is reported by CNN that 3 Bolivian Citizens are the hijackers, and there might be a drug cartel connection.”

BBC: “Mexican police have arrested at least six hijackers

Or might not.


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