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Glacier Weeps For Global Warming

by | 11th, September 2009

global-warming3THE newspapers love campaigns, what with them being the only thing that differentiates one paper from another. But even campaigns get samey, and the Daily Mail, printed on recycled doilies and written by hacks fed on drips of salt water one and OAP bile is highlighting the perils of global warming.

And beneath a picture of a glacier, the paper tells its readers:

At first glimpse it looks like any other glacier you might find in the freezing Arctic wastes of Norway. But on closer inspection an eerie face is depicted in the melting ice wall that appears to be crying a river of tears.

Yeah, glacier meting in the summer.And crying, like the icy Virgin Mary.

The striking image of the Austfonna ice cap, located on Nordaustlandet in the Svalbard archipelago, would seem certain to be heavily used by environmentalists protesting against climate change.

A bit like that striking image of the polar bears on the small chunks of ice, the pictures that looked as though the bears were warming the ice in a effort to hatch it.

Spotter: Sven Waring

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