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Perez Hilton Is Obama’s Health Care Czar

by | 11th, September 2009

gayPEREZ Hilton wants healthcare for all. And it’s not Perez, it’s Pair-Rezz. Such is the cult of celebrity that the part-time snarky blogger turned native, now bills himself as an “entertainer” and ambulatory tick on showbiz’sd backsidem, and thinks he can inspire youngsters to support Obama’s healthcare plans.

Here’s the thing, Perez: the young will always support taxes to pay for better health care because – get this – they earn less and pay less tax.

Perez is all for equality and human rights and better health. This is the same Perez who championed free speech by threatening to mug Carrie Prejean for agreeing with Obama on gay marriage.

This is same Perez Hilton who went though most of his twenties without paying for health insurance and now wants people in their twenties to pay for it under pain of law.

As Perez Hilton says: “Intolerance Vill Not Be Tolerated!”

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